Data removal instruction

Dear player,

If you want your personal data to be removed, please use the following instruction.

1. You must state, in writing or verbally, that you are requesting to purge/anonymize your data for a specific game account. You can use the Customer Support form located in the Settings menu of the game for that.

2. You must provide sufficient evidence that you own the account in question. Such evidence may be IAP receipts if you have purchased something in the past, or other knowledge of non-public information that would only be known by the owner of the account.

Once authorized, the request for deletion will be acknowledged to you.

As a significant number of players requesting account deletion change their mind over time, a 7-day cooldown will be observed after the acknowledgement where no action is taken.

After the cooldown period, a follow-up confirmation will be sent to you asking if you still want to move forward with the data deletion.

If no response is received, or the response indicates you no longer wish to move forward, the case will be closed and no action will be taken.

If you confirm that you wish to move forward with data deletion, the Player Data Removal/Anonymization procedure will be initiated.

You will be informed when the procedure is complete.