Covid-19 Response

See our Covid-19 safety Plan: PDF Link

IUGO is currently offering employees the ability to Work from Home, however in efforts to aid those who may require to come into the studio on a more regular basis, IUGO has offered up to 10 employees the following voluntary WFH/WFO (Work from Home/Work from Office) Covid-19 Schedule:

Work from Home: Monday and Friday
Work from the Office: Tuesday – Thursday

At this time, IUGO has chosen to only offer one Covid-19 schedule to our employees to assist with tracking any cases of Covid-19 should there be an outbreak, or present risks of exposure from another employee, and to remove the risks of our employees of coming into contact with one another while working in the studio. If there are any cases of Covid-19 that come into contact with our studio, the studio will be shut down to all employees until further notice.

Prior to coming back to the studio on IUGO’s Covid-19 WFH/WFO, the employee must receive IUGO’s Studio Covid-19 Safety Plan Training which consists of the following information:

  • Who should not return to work
  • Health checks
  • Available WFO (work from office) schedule
  • Safety Training: Covid-19 information and symptoms, handwashing, coughing and sneezing, masks, social distancing measures and rules (studio traffic flow, occupancy rules, etc.)
  • Cleaning, and disinfecting: The 2 stage process, cleaning staff procedures, and sanitization stations
  • Building Management cleaning, and disinfecting approach
  • Attendance process
  • Fire emergency training
  • Socially distanced building tour to review all IUGO Covid-19 Safety Training information, as well as review the studio general traffic flow