PvPets: Tank Battle Royale

Intense online PvP games with players from all over the world, experience the best in tank game action with PvPets: Tank Battle Royale!

Cute but deadly pets battle in customized tanks to be the last pet standing! Watch the brawl unfold in real-time online PvP with up to 20 players. Quick 3-minutes matches mean you can try out different strategies swiftly, and dominate the field!


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Our Vancouver-based studio has earned a solid reputation for producing chart-topping titles for major global publishing partners as well as achieving success with our own self-published original games. IUGO is now paving the way for the next wave of mobile and tablet gaming!

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IUGO is a battle-tested veteran of the mobile gaming space with strong experience creating and operating large-scale free-to-play mobile games on iOS and Android.

In parallel with creating exceptional games, IUGO continues to invest significant efforts into developing robust and high performance mobile-specific technologies. This has given the studio an edge to deliver superior products that look and play better.

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IUGO is an innovative studio driven by passion. Our team is a perfect balance of inspired game creators and strong technology experts that are youthful and dynamic. Our company culture nurtures an environment of respect and integrity where everyone’s opinion is heard and valued. Join us!

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